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3. Services & Publications


The focus of our business service has been publishing a series of Analyses, Briefings and Reviews delivered electronically at intervals to our clients.

They have been continuously updated and supplemented by new topics and material, based on our research via a global network of personal contacts amongst vehicle OEMs, Auto Dealers, Dealer Systems Providers (DSPs) and other participants in the market. Our aim has been to be always just ahead of the breaking wave, and then to interpret the result.

All of our research output is proprietary and while we rigorously maintain the confidentiality of others, our purpose is to offer independent and fully informed analysis for the benefit of strategic business planners and those attempting to understand or anticipate developments which may influence their own IT and IT- related decisions.

Briefings about Current Events in their Technical and Business Context.

Reviews analyse significant developments and new strategies amongst vehicle OEMs, Dealers & Dealer Groups and Systems Providers (DSPs). 

Query Service. Complimentary to all of our Clients, and greatly valued by many, this offers the opportunity for private, informal and unscheduled “conversations” by phone or e-mail about topics covered in our publications or any related matter(s).

New for 2019

In 2017, our work on a variety of Dealer IT projects demonstrated a demand for a comprehensive analysis and reference work on the international marketplace. In response we produced…

International Automotive Retailing – Dealer IT Strategies – May 2017

…which was subsequently updated at intervals up to December 2018

For 2019, we are responding to market demands for insight into and analysis of…

The anticipated future direction of Automotive Retailing and evolving Dealer IT requirements – 2019

…scheduled to be available this autumn.