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We have catalogued over 100 of the most recent Analyses from those we have researched and published for clients.

Principally focused on North America and Europe, this information also includes coverage of other markets, for example Australia, with additional views of the global situation.


Reference Library of Analyses

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Below are the Contents Lists and Summary Pages of examples from our research archives

1. International Automotive Retailing – Dealer IT Strategies – Updated to December 2018

2. Briefings and Reviews 2018

Briefing 50 of 2018

3. Briefings and Reviews 2017

Review 14 of 2017

Briefing 23 of 2016 

4. Australian International Systems Providers – updated 2015

5. Dealer IT, Internet & Business Processes – 2013      

6. North American Developments & Trends – 2012

7. European Developments & Trends

8. International Dealer Systems Providers

9. Digital Marketing (International)

10. CRM (International)

11. Mercedes-Benz Global Dealer Systems Strategy



In addition to the Searchable Contents Lists (examples above), if you would like any of our Analyses’ Contents Lists and Summaries, please call, or e-mail Mike Seaton or Jo Seaton for more details. Contact us.


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