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International in outlook, based in the UK, west of London close to Heathrow Airport, Woods and Seaton is a specialised Dealer IT and Business Process consultancy exclusively focused on the Automotive Retailing & Distribution Sector.

Established in 1973 at a time when, based on micro and mainframe computers, Dealer Management Systems (DMS) had to be developed to individual business specifications. Then, it would be two years before Microsoft opened for business and 1981 before the IBM PC made a first appearance. Ten years on, The World Wide Web became a commercial reality and life changed for almost everyone.

Continuously headed by co-founder Mike Seaton, from the early days of hands-on DMS design and implementation, Woods and Seaton has observed, analysed and been intimately involved with the developing influence of Information Technology (IT) on business processes throughout the Automotive Distribution sector internationally.

For 25 of the past 30 years, Jo Seaton has been his partner, fully immersed in the successful operation and development of the business.

As Mike prepares for full-time retirement, Jo, along with select, trusted industry experts and associates continues to evolve the services supplied by Woods & Seaton.


Current Events in a Business Context
In 2019, Woods & Seaton continues to research and provide detailed and independent Analyses/Analysis of technology-related developments as they evolve across the International Automotive Distribution sector. The Library of our own Briefings, Reviews & Market Analyses and the associated Query Service is uniquely well informed and available to clients seeking up-to-the–minute or recent information.

Our Private Consultancy / Business Advisory Services are bespoke research projects are available.
All enquiries are welcome and strictly confidential.