1. Independent Researchers, Analysts, Information Publishers & Consultants

Our Independent Information and Advisory Services cover:

•  Dealer Management Systems – DMS
•  Systems specific to Sales, F&I, Service, Parts, CRM, Marketing, Aftermarket
•  Internet Systems & Services … Web sites, Social Media, Digital Marketing
•  Vehicle Manufacturer (OEM) systems integrations

Globe Adjusted
Automotive Specialists
Internationally recognised by Automotive OEMs, their Dealer Networks and by Business Systems Providers in the sector, we offer unique knowledge of IT and Business Processes in in this marketplace.

Publications, Papers and Analyses
Visitors to this website will find more details of our rigidly independent research papers (“Briefings” and “Reviews”), which are delivered, primarily via e-mail, to our Subscribers / Clients at intervals throughout the year.

Access to the authors
Our complimentary Query Service is available via telephone, e-mail or Skype to all Woods & Seaton clients, as is access to our extensive, searchable electronic Library of publications to-date.

Research Programmes
Woods & Seaton is not primarily a news channel, nor do we simply re-publish media releases from others. Our publications contain no advertising, nor do we make “best buy” recommendations. We carry out our own fully independent “on-the-ground” research and analysis, and always try to ensure unbiased factual accuracy.

But analyses and conclusions are always our own.